Мировой Центр HGVN (май 2011)

Официально из Мирового Центра HGVN (май 2011) hello everyone I like to announce that I will no longer function as liaison for hong gia vietnam world headquarter.  for a very long time now I have not been involved with the world headquarter or any decision making process.  because master asked me and I really want to[…]

Семинар Волгоград, Ангарск , Грандмастер Ли Хон Тай

Официальное сообщение из Мирового центра ХЗВ. hello everyone i wanted to make formal announcements for this year seminar.  in order to continue to advance and promote hong gia viet nam growth in russia while addressing the needs of all students in various cities, master has agreed to hold 2 seminar this year.  the first seminar will be[…]